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The hair brush that has it all! Your Hair Brush is specifically designed to help improve the quality of your hair and stimulate your scalp for better growth. Not only does it do that, but it also detangles your hair without damaging it or creating frizz. The brush works for all hair types, as well as for extensions. Simply the best brush for the best results!


  • Contributes to better hair quality over time
  • With a mix och nylon and boar bristles that stimulates hair growth
  • Easily detangles even the most stubborn knots without damaging or creating frizz


Does the type of hair brush really matter? The answer is YES! Healthy hair starts with a good hair care routine, where the first step is your hair brush. If you brush your hair every day with a hairbrush that damages your hair, it won’t matter what other measures you take to take care of it. That’s why a quality hair brush is a must!

Your Hair Brush is our iconic hairbrush, developed with quality and function in mind. Designed with a purpose, this hairbrush doesn’t just detangle your hair without creating frizz or damage. It stimulates hair growth and helps improve your hair’s quality over time. It also works great to brush out your curls with, as it gives a bouncy and natural finish to your styling. With a combination of boar and nylon bristles, Your Hair Brush can even be used by those who have extensions. Its gentle capabilities are great if you have a sensitive scalp. In other words – Your Hair brush is the only brush you’ll ever want, and the only brush you’ll ever need.


Be gentle with the brush to prevent scratches and dents
Clean your brush every week to remove oils and dust
Do not expose your brush to too much water. It damages the boar and nylon bristles.
Do not use too much heat when blow-drying your hair. Do not push the hairdryer hard into the brush.

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Molimenti Hair is a Swedish company that believes in giving your hair a new lease on life. Our iconic Your Hair Brush creates more beautiful, healthier hair and is a game-changer for longer and stronger hair. We want to make hair styling more effortless and efficient with our innovative Wands. Our ceramic tourmaline barrels distribute heat evenly, ensuring every strand of hair is curled without any hot spots. This helps to minimize damage to your hair while giving you the best possible results. Our range of accessories gives you control when styling your hair for a perfect look every time.

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